misadventures in adulthood

"yo". 23 years old. Likes brains and trains and pirates and cake. Enjoys singing and MPR. Loves television more than is probably healthy. Secretly desires to learn to weld.

main jam:

the story of why i don’t like mice and have neutral feelings about centipedes

things I did say: “a mice ate my pants”

things I did not say “mice ate my pants” or “a mouse ate my pants”


things that actually happened: I lived in a room in a building right next to the woods for a week this summer and two mice decided that I was lonely and they needed to keep me company, and by “keep me company” they actually meant that they needed to chew holes in all my stuff. Which is why I have a hole in a pair of my shorts and one of my staff t-shirts. It is also the reason that I did not have a toothbrush for that week of camp, because guess what, mice like toothbrushes too. apparently. and tootsie-roll pops. But I’ll give them that one because those are actually food (kind of). 

so then the maintenance people put traps in my room and I came back to my room late at night and was going to go to bed, but then I noticed that there was a dead mouse in the corner of my room. And I don’t really like dead things, so I grabbed some clothes and went to go bunk with my seeeester in her house for the night. And then I was putting on my clothes the next day and I put on my shorts and they had a hole in them that was chewed by the ex-mouse. And then I went back to my room to get other non-eaten pants, and there was ANOTHER dead mouse in the other corner in my room. and then i screamed a little and one of my co-workers was brave and awesome and volunteered to get rid of them for me. And then I moved out of that room. 

And that is why i don’t like mice and have neutral feelings about centipedes. because centipedes did not try to eat my pants. 

The End.